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Last Updated: January 20, 2016

Feeney Park


The Feeney Park Foundation is an independent, non-profit, California corporation established to develop, operate and maintain Feeney Park, a multi-use recreational facility. Feeney Park is managed by a non-profit California Corporation, run by VOLUNTEERS and funded by DONATIONS. The only employee is a part time caretaker. Feeney Park is not affiliated with any government agency, sports league, or other entity and receives no taxpayer funding.

Please consider volunteering or contributing today. Click How Can I Help? for more information. If you are interested in supporting the Foundation’s mission or making Feeney Park an even better recreation destination, email us.

Feeney Park Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization with FEIN 77-0289008

    Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is comprised of local volunteers who are elected to serve two-year terms. The Board meets monthly at the First Congregational Church in Murphys. Meetings are open to the public and interested parties are encouraged to participate.

Please contact the secretary for the next meeting date.

President Helen Yost
Vice President Susan Lyneis
Treasurer Helen Yost
Secretary Susan Lyneis
Street Faire Director Chloe Shufeldt
Field Coordinator Willis Mackey
Director Wendi Bell
Director Jean Zurbuchen
California Non-Profit Corporation Status
Federal Tax Exempt Status
Articles of Incorporation
By-Laws (Revised 2015)
Park Use Policies
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